Are humidifiers and aromatherapy machines of the same kind? Don’t be confused! There’s a big difference

Remember before an aromatherapy machine to do publicity, in the online marketing "humidifier, a small household appliance to enhance the happiness of life"! However, many babies can not tell the difference between humidifier and aromatherapy machine, and businesses often confuse the concept, so that consumers can not correctly choose the products they need.
And today, we will introduce to you what is the difference between the aromatherapy machine and the humidifier, which is more suitable for consumers to choose!

First, the features! The role of aromatherapy machine is mainly to add pure plant essential oil and pure water; Aromatherapy molecules are released through water vapor, and different essential oils have different effects. The function of the humidifier, as the name implies, is humidification, and only water can be added, and the humidifier is significantly better than the aromatherapy machine in regulating the air humidity.

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Second look at the material! Since most essential oils are corrosive, most of the aromatherapy machines use PP material. The chip, wafer and atomizer of the aromatherapy machine are specially developed for essential oils, which can withstand oil, water and chemical corrosion. The ordinary humidifier uses ABS or AS plastic material for the water tank, so only water can be added, and the water quality has certain requirements, otherwise, but harmful to human body.

Then we'll look at the fog count! The role of the aromatherapy machine is to enable people to better absorb essential oils, so the mist volume of the aromatherapy machine is consistent and very thin, to ensure that the fragrance fog particles are fine and uniform and stay in the air for a long time. The main function of the humidifier is to humidify the air, so the atomizer with a diameter of 20~25mm is usually used, and the fog volume is thick and the particle is large.

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And water chambers for two appliances. Because the aromatherapy machine needs to change water and essential oil at any time, the water chamber design is simple and easy to clean, and the water storage space is small. The humidifier is basically designed with a backup water tank, so the internal structure is complex and the cleaning liquid is difficult.

There is also a vibration technology, which is unique to aromatherapy machines. The ultrasonic vibration technology used by the aromatherapy machine can atomize the water molecules to the nanometer level, which can effectively disperse the aromatherapy essential oils into the air, so that we can bathe in the fragrant air. The humidifier only adds water humidification, so there is no need for ultrasonic atomization.

Humidifier is more suitable for dry weather places or long-term air conditioning environment, can adjust the indoor humidity balance, for a long time in the air conditioning room office girls is more conducive to skin health of small appliances. So the function of the humidifier is more clear and stronger.

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The aromatherapy machine is really a small object that can add happiness to life. It is not only convenient to carry but also can be a small night light. The water mist with essential oil can not only relieve fatigue and help sleep, but also be good for our body for a long time. Compared with the humidifier, it is a necessary small household appliance for those who pursue the quality of life.

Whether it's a humidifier or an aromatherapy machine, they're all little things that improve your quality of life. There's no one better than the one that works best for you. Hope through this introduction you can understand the difference between the two, choose the right product.

Post time: Sep-09-2022